Club History

The club was officially formed during 1982 and after some discussion it was decided to have two trots laid. The Crown Estate Commissioners granted a licence in September of that year and E.D.H Etheridge was the elected Marine contractor. On 1st February 1983 the club was invoiced £1810.00 to lay the first ten trots.

Doug Webster was the elected Secretary at the time and the full licence was granted and signed 7th November 1983. By 23rd August 1983 the club had a crown estate Commissioners grant for 20 deep water moorings, and in June 1985 the club requested a further 8 additional moorings. September 1987 saw the arrival of a large box, cost £50 to hold repair and maintenance equipment.the first ten trots.

The artwork for the flag was first done by Jim Hayes of Romsey, it was hand drawn in those days without the aid of laser printing, hence the simpler line to the bird. Jim now has an apple Mac and has said he will recreate the artwork in electronic form. This should give us the opportunity to improve on the initial design of the bird and possibly add CHSC to the end of the flag.

In April 1987 the club applied to erect four steel piles in the river for safety reasons and permission was granted in January 1988. With these piles in place trots A,B, C and D were put in place. Doug Webster was secretary until 1991, when Tony Appleby took over the role. The club continues to operate at the same level of 20 to 30 boats to the present day, in 2006 the old box was replaced by a new 20ft container and in 2008 -9 we have built new dinghy racking.

The design of the Sailing Club burgee came about because the building at the end of the Hard was a public house called the Rising Sun. The club boats just like today had a problem with cormorants around the mooring area these two features have been combined on the bright yellow background. 

Cracknore Hard Sailing Club's crest: The burgee